Summer Deadlines

So it’s kind of a funny story. Last fall I was invited to attend the Petaluma Educational Foundation’s annual fundraiser. We can never go on our own, as the ticket price alone is too rich for our blood. But last fall we were treated by amazing parent and PEF board member, Bridget Mackay. ūüėė During the auction (our mouths agape at the ginormous bids), I … Continue reading Summer Deadlines

Student agency: voice, choice and making

In anticipation of¬†the new Common Core¬†Smarter Balanced Assessments, which students will take online, teachers are being asked to help students prepare by giving them more time on computers. After all, if the testing environment is all online, students need to be familiar with and comfortable using basic computer commands and options, as well as keyboarding and computation. But as with any significant shift in classroom … Continue reading Student agency: voice, choice and making

#NaNoPrep: ready for Day 1, Page 1?

Here it is, NaNoEve, and you’re too busy assembling your Halloween costume to think about your novel. ¬†Don’t let me scare you too much, but TOMORROW IS THE DAY YOU START WRITING YOUR NOVEL! ¬†BOO! Ah, fear not. ¬†It is not as scary as you might think. ¬†All you need to do is come up with an inciting incident (fancy writer talk for “the event … Continue reading #NaNoPrep: ready for Day 1, Page 1?