It’s not enough to #teach

Share #yourEdustory, week 2:¬†Inspired by MLK: how will you make the world a better place? It’s too easy to assume that because I’m a teacher, I make the world a better place. Everyone from Einstein to Steinbeck, Aristotle to Andy Rooney, Lee Iacocca to Steve Jobs to Bill Gates to Dr. Seuss has given us reason to believe that simply by being teachers, we are … Continue reading It’s not enough to #teach

#oneword for 2015

Share #yourEdustory, week 1: What is your #oneword for 2015? In spite of the ongoing attacks on public schools and teachers; in spite of too many students in my room; in spite of too many papers to grade; in spite of never enough time or resources, my one word for 2015 is this: POSITIVE There are so many factors beyond my control that affect my … Continue reading #oneword for 2015