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“Petaluma Students Continue News Broadcasts From Home,”

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“How Writing Novels Expands Students’ Expectations of Themselves,” KQED MindShift

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“Petaluma’s top teacher Bradley is a classroom innovator,”

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“Super surprise for Kenilworth’s Bradley,” Petaluma360 Chalkboard

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“Kenilworth Teacher Laura Bradley Wins National Award,”

“Laura Bradley (2007, Sonoma) to receive the 2015 Henry Ford Teacher Innovator Award,”

“Kenilworth teacher Laura Bradley gets national honor for innovation,” Press Democrat

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“Petaluma Student Newscast Expanding, Thanks to Grant,” Press Democrat

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“Junior high teacher uses technology to improve learning,”

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“How and WHY to Join National Novel Writing Month,” The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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“Kenilworth’s Laura Bradley going to Google camp,” The Press Democrat

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“A passion for learning is hard to quantify,” The New York Times

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“Students inspired by novel writing,” Petaluma Argus-Courier

“Petaluma’s Kenilworth students write novels in a month,” The Press Democrat

“A Novel Idea,” Sonoma Family Life Magazine

“The Magic Assignment,” Office of Letters and Light Blog

“Teacher scraps all classwork, homework and tells students: Just write,” Petaluma

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“CTL Masters Candidate Laura Bradley Awarded PEF Major Impact Grant,” SSU School of Education Blog

“Foundation in a Class by Itself,” Petaluma360 Blog

“PEF awards $112,000 in grants to local schools,”

“Petaluma Educational Foundation Funding Media and Technology Literacy Skills at Kenilworth Junior High School,”

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“Coding, Cooking, Collaborating, Petaluma Argus-Courier

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